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Raspberry Pi B

RS kodas 756-8308
Gamintojas Raspberry Pi
Gamintojo kodas Raspberry Pi Type B

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Raspberry Pi B

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Raspberry Pi B SBC

The Raspberry Pi B Computer Board is a step up from the A+ and is ideal for those who wish to learn about programming and computing, or for those ready to create exciting, innovative and ambitious projects. Featuring Ethernet and USB ports, the Raspberry Pi B is perfect for adding functionality to your projects.

Why Pi?
• It's low-cost
• It's really easy to use
• It's Linux-based open source, with access to free software and downloads to help you with your project
• There's a great Pi community out there — check out Design Spark, RS's own design engineer community
• It's flexible to the user. Want to play games? Stream music and/or video? Do your homework? Create a weather station? Create a home security camera? No limits.


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