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Infrastructure converter SINAMICS G120X

  • Easy ordering of the complete drive using just one order number
  • Out-of-the-box; delivered pre-assembled and ready to switch on
  • Simple commissioning with multi-color operator panel IOP-2 or Smart Access Module

Industrial Controls - Sirius

  • Industrial Controls SIRIUS: modular design, easy planning and installing.
  • SIRIUS Control; everything for controlling and protecting 
  • SIRIUS Hybrid; motor starters with innovative switching 
  • SIRIUS Command; signalling and detecting - compact and robust
  • SIRIUS Monitor: monitoring, control and safety functions for motors. 

Control Perfection - SIRIUS industrial controls 

The first choice for discriminating electrical engineers worldwide: Siemens’ all-inclusive portfolio of groundbreaking industrial controls with consistently coordinated components – comprehensively designed and usable worldwide without modification.

Better to play it safe!

The 5SV1 RCBOs for the first time combine residual current detection and overvoltage protection in a single device. 

LOGO! - small is beautiful

Simple installation, minimum wiring, user-friendly programming: You can easily implement small automation projects with LOGO!. 

SIMATIC IOT2020 - The Industrial Gateway

The open and flexible industrial IOT gateway, Arduino compatible, for students, makes and young developers.

SITOP PSU6200 - the all-around power supply

The new SITOP PSU6200 product line offers high-performance, standard power supplies with comprehensive diagnostics options and connection technology.

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