Facilities Cleaning and Maintenance

Our Facilities Cleaning and Maintenance product area contains all of the janitorial and cleaning products that you require to keep your business environment in tip-top condition. We have the full range, from cleaning products, car care, paints and waste bins to pest control and traffic management systems.

Daiktų internetas

Daiktų internetas (dar žinomas kaip IoT) paprastus daiktus technologijų pagalba pavertė išmaniais. Apyrankės fiksuojančios jūsų aktyvumą, išmanūs laikrodžiai, robotai siurbliai, protingo namo sistemos, tai jau nebe ateitis.


Working in some of the harshest environments Automotive components must be robust and reliable.

ON Semiconductor Solutions for Energy Infrastructure

Energy generation, distribution, and storage are quickly expanding markets due to increasing demand and the need to meet targets set by government policy. Increased efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and a focus on renewable and clean energy are key factors in this Energy Infrastructure Evolution.