Tool Kits

Tool kits offer a selection of different hand tools and are usually supplied in a tool box or a tool bag. They can generally be used as a way of making a large set or a specialised set of equipment portable so that they can be used in a variety of different environments.

These sets of tools are normally grouped by a particular purpose or type of tool. For example, you may see an electrician’s hand tool kit with a variety of different tools for this specific field. You may also have a tool kit with a range of different screwdrivers to have a broader application in more settings.

The number of tools within a kit can vary greatly, from two or three key pieces into the hundreds. There are also variations where they may contain only the essential pieces, but they may also consist of all the attachments that may be required across a wider range of use, for example a larger set of ratchet spanners and sockets that includes all metric and imperial sizing.

The price of a tool set will vary greatly dependant on brand, how many pieces and what application it would be used for. These are all factors to consider when purchasing a new tool set. A high-quality complete tool kit could be higher in price but gives you the return of long-lasting tools as a better investment.

What are the main benefits of owning a tool kit?

  • Tool kits can offer a wide variety of tools in one place, giving you flexibility in one place and doubling up as tool storage
  • It’s portable which means you can take a 300-piece tool kit, for example, where it is needed without the need to bring all the pieces along with you individually
  • The pieces in the tool set can be as specialised or as generic dependant on user requirements
  • A tool kit can be used for a variety of applications like home DIY or simple maintenance tasks to precision electrical work or aerospace engineering
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    Išsami informacija Markė Stock Set Type Set Contents Number of Pieces Storage Type VDE/1000V Approved
    2019 Wera Advent Calendar - Tool Kit
    • RS kodas 187-7179
    • Gamintojas Wera
    • Gamintojo kodas 05136600001
    Wera 0 - - - - -
    DOUILLE 1/4' 6 PANS DE 1/4 Facom 0 - - 1 - -
    Facom 16 Piece Micro Tech Tool Set Tool Kit Facom 0 Micro Tech Tool Set (1) Cutter 845.1, (2) Phillips Screwdrivers:AEP.000 x 35, AEFP.00 x 35, (3) Hex Screwdrivers:84E.0.9 x 35, 84E.1.3 x 35, 84E.1.5 x 35, (6) Slotted Head Screwdrivers:AE.1 x 35, AE.1.2 x 35, AEF.1.5 x 35, AEF.1.8 x 35, AEF.2 x 35, AEF.2.5 x 35, 1 Pair of Scissors 841.MT, 1 Pair of Tweezers 140AA, 2 pairs of Pliers 405.10MT, 432LMT 16 Case -
    Facom Foam Tray Modules Tool Kit Facom 0 Foam Tray - - Modules -
    PLATEAU MOUSSE POUR MODM.440-1 Facom 0 - - - - -
    PLATEAU MOUSSE POUR MODM.75 Facom 0 - - - - -
    PLATEAU MOUSSE POUR MODM.A1 Facom 0 - - - - -
    PLATEAU MOUSSE POUR MODM.S1A Facom 0 - - - - -
    Wera 12 Piece Bicycle Set Tool Kit Wera 0 Bicycle Set Bit Ratchet Zyklop Mini 1 and 10 Bits, Ratchet Wrench 12 - -
    Wera 15 Piece Plumb Kit Box Tool Kit VDE Approved Wera 0 Plumb Kit 2 Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Wrenches, 2 Kraftform Plus Nutspinners with Hollow Shaft, 4 L-Keys with Thermoplastic Sleeve, Chiseldriver, VDE Handle with 4 Extra-Slim Blades, Voltage Tester 15 Box Yes
    Bahco service engineers tool kit Bahco 0 - - - - -
    • RS kodas 184-9004
    • Gamintojas Facom
    • Gamintojo kodas CM.COOLER19IM
    Facom 0 - - 9 - -
    COMPOSITION COLLECTOR 100 ANS Facom 0 - - - - -
    Facom 1 Piece Box Tote Tool Box Facom 0 - Slider Removable Plate 1 Box -
    Facom 1 Piece Tool Box Box Tote Tool Box Facom 0 Tool Box Slider Removable Plate 1 Box -
    • RS kodas 179-7248
    • Gamintojas Facom
    • Gamintojo kodas CM.MALL100ANS
    Facom 0 - - - - -
    RS PRO 94 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit No RS Pro 771 Mechanics Bits, Precision Screwdriver, Ratchet, Screwdriver, Sockets, Spanners 94 Case No
    RS PRO 23 Piece Engineers Tool Kit VDE Approved RS Pro 376 Engineers Knife, Pliers, Ratchet, Screwdriver, Sockets, Spanners 23 Case Yes
    RS PRO 88 Piece Electricians Tool Kit VDE Approved RS Pro 346 Electricians Bits, Cutters, Hammer, Hex Keys, Pliers, Ratchet, Screwdriver, Sockets, Tape Measure, Voltage Tester 88 Case Yes
    Wera 35 Piece Electricians Pouch Tool Kit VDE Approved Wera 159 Electricians Screwdriver, Sockets, Spanners, Voltage Tester 35 Pouch Yes
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