Saulės energija - šildymas

RS Components tvirtai tiki ekologiška energija, todėl tiekia platų saulės energijos produktų spektrą. Saulės šiluminės energijos šakoje rasite, sprendimus karšto vandens paruošimui, laikymuiir temperatūros palaikymui, taip pat RS prekės ženklu pažymėtus v

RS Pro Fittings

RS stainless steel threaded fittings for quick and easy installation. Corrosion resistant, making them ideal for a wide range of enviroments and applications. Cost effective solutions for industrial use.

Calmag Water Conditioners

This innovative Water Conditioner has been designed to remove existing limescale and protect against future build-up. The Electromag is suitable for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications where softened water is not viable.

Solenoid Valves From SMC

Direct operated two port solenoid valves of series VX21/22/23 from SMC have a reduced height and weight while providing an up to 20% bigger flow rate compared to conventional models.