Security Identification Badges and Accessories

Protect your company by supplying your staff with security identification badges from RS Components. You can choose from a varierty of designs and materials to make sure your employees feel protected and comfortable.

Daiktų internetas

Daiktų internetas (dar žinomas kaip IoT) paprastus daiktus technologijų pagalba pavertė išmaniais. Apyrankės fiksuojančios jūsų aktyvumą, išmanūs laikrodžiai, robotai siurbliai, protingo namo sistemos, tai jau nebe ateitis.

Where's the wearables?

Rings and bracelets have been around for thousands of years. The first major technological advance on these was the wristwatch – which became popular during the First World War. Now, we’re inserting technology into many things – smart bracelets, watches and rings are becoming common. And technology is also making it into other items that we wear.

Bevielis ryšys

Šiandien su bevielėmis technologijomis susiduriame kaip niekada dažnai, ar namie, ar darbe, parduotuvėje - jos visada šalia. Bekontaktis atsiskaitymas, bevielis viešas internetas, GPS tapo kasdienybė.