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Igus 4 Axis, 1kg Payload, Bench Robotic Arm Construction Kit Size 30

Robot Arm Construction Kit

Robots are becoming a more familiar sight in production. Automating monotonous and repetitive tasks and freeing up staffing resource for more productive roles.

Using robotics in operations such as light production, easy handling, pick and place and laboratory automation can reduce cost by reducing lead times and increasing productivity. The payback period can be as short as six months.

Robolink D robotic component kits bring together parts from our Igus robotics range. The range gives you a complete 4 or 5 axis robotic arm with a high payload capacity.

No programmer or control electronics are provided with the kits giving you the freedom to choose a programming language and control hardware best suited to your requirements. Low cost and its modular design make the Robolink D range an ideal choice for education.

Compact and affordable with a performance that enables it to compete with more expensive robots in its class.

All kit components are available separately allowing complete freedom of design.

Igus RobolinkD

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Igus 4 Axis, 1kg Payload, Bench Robotic Arm Construction Kit Size 30
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Igus 4 Axis, 1kg Payload, Bench Robotic Arm Construction Kit Size 30